Here are five things you want your homeowners insurance to cover.

Today I want to talk about five things you want to make sure you have in your homeowners insurance policy:

1. Sump pump overflow or sewer coverage. A lot of policies don’t come with this coverage. If a pump overflows, the damage won’t be covered unless you have this on your policy. If you have a finished basement, you want to check with your agent and make sure you have this coverage.

2. Ordinance or law coverage. If the city comes out with a new ordinance that is enforced on your house, you’ll want this to cover the costs of updating.

3. Additional coverage of jewelry and collections. You want coverage for your engagement or wedding rings and any special collections you may have. The policy will usually have lower limits of $1,500 to $2,500 for personal property, and this is mostly regarding theft. So you may want extra coverage to make sure items outside this range are still covered.

“If a hailstorm hits only one side of your house, most policies will only cover the damaged side.”

4. Liability coverage. This covers you if someone slips or falls while visiting your property or gets hurt some other way. It will pay their medical bills and damages. You can get $100,000 of coverage, but I’d always recommend you go higher since it doesn’t cost too much more.

5. Roof and siding match coverage. If a hailstorm hits only one side of your house, most policies will only cover the damaged side. However, if you have new siding and shingles on one side, the other side won’t match, so this policy lets you replace the other side and make sure that it matches.

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